The Club projects this year consist of ice cream and pizza cutter handles, a parlor clock, band saw boxes and a Federal Style candle table.  There is a tuition charge for each project and the cost of the materials needed to make the project have been estimated.  You may also make a project that is not on this list.  It could be a project from years past, or of your own design.  Tuition will also be charged for these projects.  You will be responsible for providing your own materials, but for the Club items, a materials list and sources will be provided.  The Club has some wood available for sale and additional lumber suppliers are listed on our web site.

Ice Cream Scoop and Pizza Cutter Handles:  Tuition $5.00 each.  Materials:  about $20 each.

Band Saw Boxes:  Tuition: $15.00 each.  Materials:  about $12 each.  Multiple designs

Parlor Clock:  Tuition $20 each.  Materials:  about $150 each.

Federal Candle Table:  Tuition:  $20.00 each.  Materials:  about $50 each.  Inlay optional.


We will meet every Monday night from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm and the third Saturday of each month from 8:00 am to 5:00 p m starting January 21, 2017   Some meetings will be cancelled or rescheduled due to scheduling conflicts.

Detailed instructions, drawings and photographs will be provided for each Club project.  Demonstrations will also be provided for key operations.  The ice cream scoop and pizza cutter handles and band saw box projects are good for beginners.  The Parlor Clock and Candle Table are for intermediate level workers, but can be made by determined beginners.  None of these projects is hard to do if you do them step by step as described in the instructions and photographs and are willing to ask for help when needed.

Participation in the Club Projects requires successfully completing the safety training and becoming a Sawdust Maker.  Safety Training will be given in late January or early February.  If you want to take this training, start reviewing the Safety Rules and Standard Operating Procedures for all of our equipment that are posted on our website under the “Shop Safety” tab on the main menu.