2016 – Ice Cream Scoop/Pizza Cutter








2015 – Demi Lune Table

DSCF3537 (2)The Club Project for 2015 was for each student to build a Demi Lune (half round) table.  The mahogany table shown was made by Oscar Ratliff and is 32” wide, 17” deep and 28” tall.  The design is typical of those made  from about 1750 to 1820.  Typically, the curved front apron on tables of this type were made by laying up blocks of secondary wood in the shape of an arc and then cutting the semicircular shape.  The front surface was then covered with veneer.  This table was made using the other common method by laminating thin strips of the primary wood while clamped to a semicircular form.  Once the glue sets, the laminate retains its semicircular form.  The top is 7/8” thick and has a traditional bead and cove edge.

2014 – Albemarle Chest

Sapp_Chest_2014These chests made by Jim Sapp are reproductions of chests made 1760-1780 in Salem, NC.  The box is approximately 13” wide x 6” tall x 6-3/8” deep and features hand cut dovetails.  The molding around the top is applied using a tongue and groove technique which allows across grain quirk bead to be easily generated.  Also a part of this project was to make a Moxon vise to hold the boards vertically and securely while cutting the dovetails.


2013 – Cutting Board

Jerrill_cuttingboard_2013Cutting board made by Jerill Vance.  Approximately 19” x 14” x 1-3/4” thick.  The board is laminated from strips of walnut, cherry and maple and provided with a juice groove.  Finished with mineral oil.



2011-2012 – American Wall Cabinet

American Wall Cupboard Project by Peter Howell.  Design based on typical 18th century cupboard.  Original Plan by Christopher Schwarz.  Carcass is dovetailed together.  Shelves housed in a tapered sliding dovetail.  Walnut.  Beveled glass.  Handmade iron hardware.  Catalyzed varnish finish.  Kestrel Hawk hand carved by Paul Howell.


2010 – Band Saw Box

Made by Peter Howell.  Walnut with maple accents, Wipe-on varnish finish.





2009-2010 – Sheraton Tables

The above tables are based on the design of Sheraton style furniture that was popular in the early 1800’s.  Allan McNell’s table on left is made of cherry and has a water based varnish finish.  Peter Howell’s table on right is made of spalted maple and has a catalyzed varnish finish.

2009 – Jewelry Box (Not Pictured)

2008 – Night Light

2008 - Night Light

2007 – Dulcimer and Chippendale style mirror

2007 - Dulcimer and Chippendale style mirrorThis dulcimer is made of figured cherry. The top, sides and bottom are 1/8” thick, but the sides are laminated from two 1/16” thick pieces glued up in a form the shape of the side. The fretboard is cocobolo. It is finished with Watco Danish Oil and paste wax. Made by Dan Pleska


2006 – Blanket chest/small box with dovetails (Not Pictured)

2005 – 18th century side chair and Shaker chair

This Shaker Rocker is made of maple with three coats of amber shellac.  These rockers were traditionally made of maple or cherry. The seat is 20″ wide at the front and 14″ wide at the back.  The seat is a herringbone design in navy blue and white.  The finials at the top of the back are 40″ from the floor.  Made by Dan Pleska


2004 – Drop leaf tea table and Craftsman style mantle clock (Not Pictured)

2003 – Craftsman style toolbox and Candlestick table (Not Pictured)

2002 – Single door wall cabinet (Not Pictured)

2001 – Small box with hand cut dovetails (Not Pictured)

2000 – Table (rectangle, triangle or half-round) with tapered legs

This cherry rectangular table is 30” x 17” x 27” high. The top is 7/8” thick, but with the routed edge treatment to the bottom it gives it a more delicate look. It has a bead on the bottom edge of the aprons. It has a light cherry stain with clear lacquer top coat. Made by Dan Pleska.