Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia Shop Rules

In order to work in the Club’s workshop, you must be a member in good standing of the Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia and have successfully completed the Club’s Safety Training Program. A minimum membership level of Sawdust Maker is required.

Your name tag must be worn while working in the Building.

A Shop Leader must be present and aware of the work that you plan to do. The Shop Leaders will try to answer any questions that you have and assist you as needed.

You must comply with all Safety Rules and Operating Procedures.

The equipment or tool user is responsible for damage due to negligence.

You must wear all PPE required by the Safety Rules.

There is a logbook of those who work in the shop. You must sign in and out every day you work in the shop.

At the end of your workday, regardless if other personnel is still working:
You must remove all of your workpieces, scraps, tools, etc. from the workbenches that you have used.

Remove and store router bits, drill bits, etc. from the equipment that you used, unless it is a special setup that someone else is going to use.

Empty the dust collector bags if they are 3⁄4 full
Vacuum the floor around your work area.
Vacuum the equipment and floor area around the equipment that you have used. Turn off the switches on the SawStop table saws.
Turn off the switch for the Jointer.
Unplug all lathes.

No personal property, except for Club sponsored projects, may be left on the premises without prior approval from the Shop Leader. Materials left in the shop must be labeled with the owner’s name, contact information, date, and planned date to remove and store in the area designated by the Shop Leader. The Club will not be responsible for any personal property. Scrap materials from personal projects shall not be left in the shop.

Reclaimed, or previously used material will not be processed on Club equipment.

No Club owned property may be removed from the Shop without prior approval from the Shop Director.

After completing a glue-up project you must clean up all brushes, rollers, spreader, rags, etc. in

the Utility Sink in the Men’s Room. Then clean up the sink. Do not leave glue residue in the sink. Do not clean up glue using the lavatories in either bathroom; they are only for washing your hands.

The Women’s restroom is reserved for use by Women. Women may use the Utility Sink in the Men’s Room.

All trash must be placed in one of the two covered trash cans and those trash cans must have a trashcan liner in them. Do not use the heavyweight duty dust collector liners in the trash cans. By City ordinance, all trash set out for pickup, except sawdust, must be in a covered trash can with a trash bag liner. Trash day on Monday morning (usually 10:00 to 11:00 o’clock).

All wood scraps are to be taken home or placed in the scrap bins. Materials in the scrap bins may be used by anyone that wants them.

The Club’s Workshop is provided as a place to learn and for members to make items for the Salvation Army and other charities, and their personal use. Personal use includes gifts to relatives. The shop is not to be used to make items for sale unless the proceeds of the sale go to the Club.

Shop users agree to follow Shop Leader’s directives, including leaving the Shop if not following the shop rules.

Repeated violation of these rules is cause for losing Shop privileges and other Membership privileges pending a Board of Directors’ decision.


Download a copy of workshop rules here:

Workshop Rules