General Safety Rules 

Hand Tool Safety Rules

Equipment Safety Rules

Equipment Lockout Procedure



Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia
Shop Rules and Guidelines
January 3, 2013


1. The Workshop Director is responsible for overall coordination of the Shop and has the authority to stop activities not believed to be consistent with these rules and guidelines set forth by the Board.

2. A Shop Leader must be present to use the Shop.

3. Anyone operating equipment must have passed the Club Safety Test, signed the Waiver of Liability, and be a member in good standing.

4. The Safety Test will cover the Operating Procedures and Safety Rules for the equipment and tools in the shop. This is a closed book test. To pass the Test, you must score 100%. If you score 80% or higher you will be given the opportunity to correct your answers and resubmit your answer sheet. If you score less than 80%, you must retake the entire test.

5. Posted Club Safety Rules and Operating Procedures shall be followed.

6. The user is responsible for damage due to negligence.

7. Before entering the Shop, everyone must complete the Sign-in Book, including the purpose of use.

8. Name tag must be worn while in the Shop.

9.  Before leaving the Shop, it must be returned to as-found or better condition. This includes, but not limited to, sweeping floor, removing dust from tools, emptying cabinets beneath stationary tools, emptying dust collectors when bags are at the fill mark, and closing/locking tool cabinets. Tables and chairs should also be returned to their designated location.

10. No personal property, except for Club sponsored projects, may be left on the premises without prior approval from the Shop Leader. Materials left in shop must be labeled with owner’s name, contact information, date, and planned date to remove and stored in the area designated by the Shop Leader. The Club will not be responsible for any personal property. Scrap materials from personal projects shall not be left in the shop.

11. Reclaimed, or previously used material will not be used on Club equipment.

12. Club sponsored events will have priority over personal projects and shop time.

13. No Club owned property may be removed from the Shop without prior approval from the Shop Director.

14. Shop users agree to follow Shop Leader’s directives, including leaving the Shop if not following the shop rules.

15. Repeated violation of these rules is cause for losing Shop privileges and other Membership privileges pending Board of Directors decision.

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