Current Shop Leaders:

Peter Howell
Workshop Director
Rick Chandler
Shop Leader
Ron Jones
Shop Leader
Bruce Martin
Shop Leader
Allan McNeel
Shop Leader
John Shafer
Shop Leader
Andy Sheetz
Shop Leader
Bruce Davis
Shop Leader
Bruce Persinger
Shop Leader
Tom Liberatore
Shop Leader

The position of Shop Leader is a volunteer position to promote the Club’s outreach programs; teach woodworkers how to use tools and equipment effectively and safely; and promote fellowship among our Club members. The Shop Leader position receives guidance and direction from the Workshop Director.

Qualifications of the Shop Leader Position:

1. A willingness to accept responsibility for the workshop when they are on duty and use their authority to ensure that their responsibilities are met.

2. Actively participates in Workshop activities such as the Salvation Army Christmas Toy Project, Club Projects, training workshops and similar activities.

3. A minimum of five years of woodworking experience with the type of power equipment in the Club wood shop.

4. Completion of advanced training on the actual power equipment in the Club workshop;

5. Demonstrates a positive disposition, skills in using machines & tools, safety knowledge, and good interpersonal skills.

6. A personal recommendation by the Workshop Director and two Shop Leaders.

Shop Leader Responsibilities:

1. The Shop Leader shall participate in Club activities such as: Club Projects, the Salvation Army Christmas Toy Project, training, demonstrations, etc.

2. General supervision of shop activities during open shop, clinics, classes, workshops, and Club projects.

3. Ensure that Club Safety Rules are followed.

4. Assist the Workshop Director in performing incident investigations by gathering information, performing interviews and preserving evidence.

5. Perform and document routine maintenance on shop tools and equipment. Non-routine maintenance will be performed under the direction of the Workshop Director.

6. Ensure that equipment is setup properly prior to use;

7. Ensure security of the shop and tools while on-duty.

8. Provide communication of shop issues to the Workshop Director.

9. Oversee clean-up of the shop at the end of shop work periods

10. Mentor Club members working in the shop in both woodworking and safety topics.

11. Assist the Workshop Director in the Safety Training of new members as requested.


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