The Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia cares about our community and does what we can to improve it.  The mission of the Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia is twofold.  One part is the training of local community members to be woodworker. Whether it be honing their craft to later become a professional woodworker, or merely to create handcrafted heirloom pieces for their friends and family.  Secondly, since 1991, the Valley Woodworkers have been making heirloom quality wooden toys for the Salvation Army to distribute to underprivileged children at Christmas.

Every year the Valley Woodworkers of West Virginia Toy Project is completed with not only the hard work of many members of the club, but the generous donations of the multiple businesses in West Virginia.  All the hardwood lumber used has been donated by members of the West Virginia Forestry Association.  The M.L. Campbell catalyzed varnish finishes used have been donated by Withrow’s Sharpening Service and Sales Inc. Some of the plywood used was donated by Columbia Forest Products.  Additional plywood, hardware, and other supplies have been donated either by various companies or purchased with money donated by Toyota Motor Manufacturing and other organization and individuals.

Typically, Valley Woodworkers make 750 to 1000 toys each year.  Doll cradles, alphabet block sets with a wagon, toy cars and trucks are hand crafted throughout the year.  As of December 2021, VWWV has donated 16,738 toys valued at an astounding $1,326,470.


The following companies provided materials for the toy project. Please give them special consideration when you need materials for your projects:

  • J.C. Hamer Lumber Company
  •  Clonch Industries. Inc.
  • Woodcraft
  • Tanner Lumber 
  • Columbia Forest Products
      • Toyota Manufacturing of West Virginia